Atmiya Vidyapeeth is an ENGLISH MEDIUM CO-EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL established in the year 2005 by SARVESHWARA EDUCATIONAL TRUST which is registered under the Public Trust Act.1860. The Trust runs the school under the direction and guidance of many renowned academicians and sports persons from across the country. 

LOCATION: ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH is located in a serine environment at Shinay, near Adipur-Gandhidham Kachch at the western region, just 12 kims. from the Airport of Kandla and 5kims. from Adipur -Gandhdham Railway station in the State of Gujarat, India.

The circular, aesthetic and dynamically designed unique structure of ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH is equipped with all the modern facilities and infrastructure. It is situated ideally   in the periphery of Adipur near Gandhidham, but away from the hazels of crowded urban business of city areas.






As your child is growing up in a technology savvy world of cut throat competition, we at ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH can tune, mould, empower and furnish the children with all kinds of information, instructions, experiments, experiences & knowledge drawn from all the horizons of the world beyond all the boundaries of imagination and creativity and thus we can make your child truly a global citizen without loosing the soul of India in them.’A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people” Mahathmagandhi.

Though we believe that learning is a life long process we are fully aware that part by part learning in the formative years of a child’s life is what truly determines the destiny of the child.

“Child is the father of   a man” William Wordsworth.


We believe that children are the tender buds in the garden of life to be blossomed in the fragrance of love and care from the selfless teachers and parents.

We, at ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH have highly qualified and professionally trained teachers to be the gardeners in the SCHOOL, a garden of life and the thirst of the children for the Knowledge is regularly quenched by living waters of wisdom and knowledge of the teachers. It is needless to say that a child finds a home away from home at ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH


 School Song

Atmiya…..  Atmiya…. Atmiya……  Vidyapeeth
My Pranam  My Pranam
My Heartfelt Pranam

1. We are sparks of Divinity

Our Hearts are filled with purity
Bless us to serve in unity
To be our best to Humanity
Atmiya…..  Atmiya…. Atmiya……  Vidyapeeth

2. Each one of us feels you are mine

Through each one of us you shine
By the master’s touch…….Align
Atmiya…..  Atmiya…. Atmiya……  Vidyapeeth

3. To love is our resolution

To walk as one is evolution
Harmony is the world’s solution
It is the Atmiya, Atmiya,
                                    Atmiya Revolution

Atmiya…..  Atmiya…. Atmiya……  Vidyapeeth
My Pranam  My Pranam
My Heartfelt Pranam



I will never ever speak, listen and see ill - of any body. I pledge that,

I will work individully and collectively for the betterment of my institution.

I will understand and uphold the spirit and the values on which

Atmiya Parivar stands, "Unity of body, mind and soul"

I will direct all energies into achieving the higher standard of

morality, discipline duty and extreme courtesy and consideration

towards my teachers, elders and fellow students.





Thought of the Day

Scottie Somers

Do not be influenced by peer pressure, wealth nor reputation; do, because your heart tells you to do so.


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