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As we believe that every student is unique in his own way, the most important task is to discover and identify the God given talent to be developed as masterminds. For this purpose, we have experts and renowned masters of their various fields. They provide regular training in advanced arts, music, drama, sports, games and skating etc.

The school has well trained and efficient teachers/Instructors for Karate, Skating, Music, Art and Craft Football and Basket ball etc.



The art Gallery of is the work of mastermind in art and craft. The beauty is certainly in the presentation of creative works but we not only exhibit the art work of dexterity but enable the students to enhance their in - born talent of art and craft to make their artistic works a part of our art galley for which they can be proud of. It is a matter of great joy not to our students but also to their parents to look at the artistic works of their children as and when they visit our school premises.

Art and Craft encourage students to develop a variety of interests. Students are presented with opportunities to explore, plan and create in the areas of painting, printing, drawing, collage, modeling, sculpture, clay, textiles and digital media. The AVP School Art room is a place where students can develop their self-esteem through involvement in the art making process, having fun as they explore new ideas, materials and techniques. The Art room is a well-equipped, spacious, light-filled space that is visually engaging for the students. The Art Room facilities offer wet and dry working areas and ample storage of artworks. Assessment and reporting are on an individual basis with individual student goals set to progress students along the continuum of visual arts skills. The Visual Arts program is ‘strength’ based which focuses on using acquired skills as a starting point, boosting their self-confidence.





 Date of Report : 27/04/2020
Every day, people are spending time at home due to school closures, quarantines or lockdowns. Expressing yourself through illustrations or comics is a great way of staying socially connected while keeping physical distance. Drawing /Poster Competition helps to raise awareness on the importance of supporting each other, kindness in times of crisis and taking care of your mental health.
Atmiya Vidyapeeth had organized an Online Drawing & Poster Making Competition to provide an opportunity to all our students from Std III to XII to share their art and support other people going through the same situation. The objective of the competition was to win the hearts of people and to spread awareness and optimism in the minds of people. The Competition was headed and guided by our Art Faculty Mr.DhirenThanki.
The students were provided the theme for the competition and divided in to three categories. The Topics were:
Category:1 (For Std III to V)
  • My Home & My Family
  • Solution to Corona-Awareness?
  • The First thing I like to do after Quaratine……..

Category:2 (For Std VI to VIII)

  • Safety Measures against Covid-19
  • Save Earth from Covid -19
  • Meditation and art help reduce stress and support your mental health
Category:3 (For Std IX to XII)
  • Survival of Humans against the pandemic
  • The world – After Corona
  • Voice/Role of Youth
Many students had participated in this online Competition and on could feel the enthusiasm that students had in their competition. The students expressed their vies and thoughts by drawing, slogans and quotes. The final judgment was made by Mr.DhirenThanki-The Art & Drawling faculty of our school.
The Winners were:
Category:1 (For Std III to V)
1st Prize       Swara More            Std-5        Click here to see Image
1st Prize       Rydham Gehlot      Std-4        Click here to see Image
2nd Prize      Kush Pujara           Std-5        Click here to see Image
2nd Prize      Smitha Joshita       Std-5        Click here to see Image
3rd Prize       Nandika Pradip      Std-5        Click here to see Image
3rd Prize       Riddhi Upadhyay   Std-3        Click here to see Image
Category:2 (For Std VI to VIII)
1st Prize       Rohit Rajput           Std-8        Click here to see Image
1st Prize       Aadarsh Jha           Std-7        Click here to see Image
2nd Prize      Ansh Patel             Std-7        Click here to see Image
2nd Prize      Pratiksha Ubana    Std-7        Click here to see Image
3rd Prize       Krupali P. Vegad    Std-7        Click here to see Image
3rd Prize       Naitik Bhuptani      Std-6        Click here to see Image
Category:3 (For Std IX to XII)
1st Prize       Janhvi Bhuptani     Std-11       Click here to see Image
2nd Prize      Ashtha Jha             Std-11      Click here to see Image
3rd Prize       Dishant Singh        Std-9        Click here to see Image


Picture Colouring Competition for Grades I to X as on 16/01/2023

Gujarat Rajya Kala Shikshak Sangh organized Interschool Picture Colouring Competition on 16.01.2023,

wherein students of Atmiya Vidyapeeth from grades I to X participated with great interest.






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