True Education is that which trainchildren in various skills and disciplines and also that which gives them the capacity to be awake to the process of their own thinking, feeling and action. There is a wide range of questioning today of the basic postulates of the educational structure and its various systems in India and in the rest of the world. ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH is a service oriented organization serving the aim of disseminating knowledge and skills required for the demanding economy of the twenty first century. The spectacular growth of ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH can be attributed to its commitment to quality and its dedication to the ideals of education.

The School has evolved through effective curriculum design, quality instruction, together with Smartclass Technology to meet the challenges of the new millennium and global competition.Our VISION is to integrate physical education, emotional education, mental and rational education, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual education. Our MISSION is to develop in our students not only academic brilliance but also a well-developed and integrated character.

As another year draws in our journey into future, I am delighted to reminisce those eight eventful years that have brought the escalation of Atmiya Vidyapeeth in Gandhidham / Adipur. When I introspect, I realize how far have we travelled, achieved and how much grown; the past sprouts up with accolades uncounted. That is because we have always been able to give our students the best of all facilities, be it scholastic or co-scholastic. And to our satisfaction our Atmiyans have brought laurels wherever they went. I am sure, they will keep the saga singing. Today I can proudly say that ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH has measured up to the expectations of the people and become a role model in the field of quality education.

I am grateful to the parents for their unflinching faith in us and the teachers for their ardour and zeal with which they have realized the goals of our mission. And of course the place of pride belongs to our ever enthusiastic, receptive and brilliant students. I wish all the best to the school in fulfilling the mission of the Atmiya Vidyapeeth and thereby in imparting quality education in the sand dunes of Kachchh.

We invite you to be a part of us and share the wonderful learning experience of ATMIYA VIDYAPEETH 



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